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Environmental Engineering for the Mining Industry here & around the world!

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About Siwik

Our mission:

Siwik Consulting Inc. is founded on principles of integrity, co-operation, and transparency. SCI ethically balances social, environmental and economic considerations. We are committed to fostering sustainable development in the mining industry and finding solutions to complex environmental, reclamation and legacy risk issues.

Our services:

From the beginning stages of a project to its closure, Siwik Consulting Inc. assists clients to achieve their environmental objectives by working with senior management and the Board of Directors to strategize a 21st century approach to sustainable development. SCI provides industry leading knowledge and experience in aligning complex baseline environmental studies with project engineering. SCI conducts comprehensive reviews on an organization’s environmental management systems. Siwik Consulting Inc. is experienced in strategic closure planning as well as conducting due diligence reviews for mergers and acquisitions.