Siwik Consulting

Environmental Engineering for the Mining Industry here & around the world!

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Mining companies are accountable to employees, customers, shareholders, local communities and the natural environment. Qualified by the World Bank, Siwik Consulting Inc. (SCI) is a trusted environmental advisory firm that meets the engagement needs of the 21st century. Mr. Rick Siwik, President of SCI, has worked in the mining industry as a professional engineer for over thirty years. Mr. Siwik has been hired as a consultant on international mining and metallurgical operations.  He has assisted the mining industry as a project environmental lead, with tailings and mine closure reviews, management system reviews and completed over 40 environmental due diligence for merger and acquisitions.

SCI works closely with project managers to supervise impact and risk assessments.  SCI has designed, implemented and audited over 40 environmental design systems for its clients. SCI has developed closure and financial assurance strategies for its clients.